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In 1992 my mother-in-law gave me a 1958 Packard Sedan that my father-in-law had owned. My father-in-law (Edward Juell) had purchased the car in 1969. The previous owner was recently deceased and his son (Roman Reinders) had no interest in keeping it. According to the owner's manual cover the Packard was sold new to Henry Dertien of Platte, SD. The dealer was Holstein Motor Co. of Chamberlain, SD. The serial number is 58L8125.

This was the extent of what I knew about this car until the article in Packards International Magazine for Winter 1995. In Search of the Last Packard interested me since I do own a Packard from the last year they were made. However, I found the last serial number particularly interesting. It is 58L8134, just nine later than my Packard! On July 25, 1958, the last fourteen Packards were built. From this I would guess that mine was built during the morning.

The car is in what I would judge to be fair to good condition. It is mostly original and needs quite a bit of cosmetic work. According to the records that my father-in-law had kept the car had about 60,000 miles when he purchased it. It had about 76,500 when I got it and now has about 82,300 miles. The car is fun to drive and I have enjoyed having it.

The (Almost Last) 1958 Packard: About
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